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Tips For Cleaning Leather Sofa

You’ve been waiting for your leather sofa to arrive for what feels like forever and now that it’s arrived, you can’t wait to sink in and watch your favourite movie with a nice bowl of popcorn.

Now let’s be real, your sofa will never look the same and on that first day because no matter what you do, it will inevitably come into contact with spills and scuffs that will make it look well used! However, with proper care and consistent maintenance, your sofa will continue to look great.

When you purchase your leather sofa, it should come with a manual on how to care for it. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning and if you use a cleaning product, test at the back of your sofa first so it’s less conspicuous should it leave a mark.

For general upkeep try to give your leather sofa a quick clean once a week, as the more often you clean, the less dirt builds up and stains will be easier to remove. Use a good brand soap and lather it on a cloth then wash the sofa. Remember not to use too much water for your cleaning, and polish as usual.

For specific stains, the way to get rid of it will depend on what caused the spill:

1. Water-based liquid
Just blot the stain until it disappears and let your sofa dry out by itself. Don’t rub the affected area as this will only make the stain spread even further to other parts of your sofa.

Simply blot the spill with a dry cloth. Do not use water or leather cleaner just yet. Continue to blot the stain till the cloth comes back dry. Leave it for a day or two. The stain would settle into the sofa and will not be visible. If it is visible, just use the leather sofa cleaner to do the job.

If you encounter an ink stain, dip some cotton wool into alcohol and rub on the affected area. Dry with a hair dryer. If the stain is still visible, try using an acetone-free nail polish remover by rubbing a small amount over the ink stain with a cloth. Once the stain is gone, clean any traces of the nail polish remover with a leather sofa cleaner.

4.Ordinary dark stain
Stubborn stain that you can’t seem to get rid of? Try a home-made mixture of one part lemon juice with one part potassium hydrogen tart. Mix into a paste and rub on the stain. Leave the solution to work for about ten minutes. After which, apply another layer of the paste and work it into your sofa. Remove the mixture with either a damp sponge or a damp sponge with soap.

Final piece of advice: Whenever you use any leather cleaning, it should generally be followed by a quick application of quality leather conditioning cream to keep your leather sofa in tiptop condition!

Buying Furniture Online Versus Buying From A Store
Furniture is an investment that you want to last. If you are going to spend a lot of money on buying furniture – it pays to do your research and find out exactly what you want.

Buying Furniture from a Store
The advantage of shopping in bricks and mortar stores is that you can see, feel and sit on the furniture you are interested in. You can also see it grouped with other furniture to inspire you and get the thinking juices flowing. If you are unsure of exactly the type of a particular piece you want, you can get ideas from the displays. You can sample all the sofas then see what you find comfortable, as well as what fabric you like the texture of, and what colours and styles you prefer. Being in a real store also gives you the advantage of being able to ask the salesman detailed questions about the furniture. How is it made? Where is it made? Another advantage is that depending on the piece or pieces you are interested in, you can arrange private delivery or deliver them yourself. This will save significantly on delivery charges.

Buying Furniture Online
If you decide to shop online, you should know exactly what you want because purchasing furniture online takes away from the tactile experience. You can visit stores first, decide on your purchase there and then order it online in the privacy of your own home, without the queues, trying to find a salesman, and without feeling the pressure to buy the matching sofa, coffee table and professional cleaning products! Quite often buying online without the massive overheads that a retail store will have effects on the price tag too. You may get a much better price after a bit of searching online. When you buy online, just make sure you know the returns policy, cost of delivery and check all the measurements first!


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