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Stress and Ageing

I’m going to write something totally different today.Stress can and will affect us all at one point in our lives and can be down to so many things. It doesn’t have to be a big event or drama. Stress can build up from series of small problems which on their own would be no hassle at all. But together can give you sleepless nights and high anxiety leading to health problems such as high blood pressure.

Lately there has been lots of chatter about how the stress of being a President ages a person over the stretch of their incumbency. This physical impact is not just in our imaginations, and it doesn’t require the strain and toil of the highest office in the world. Stress in general, a new study has found, can age us in very visible and evident ways.

For the study twins were used as twins are destined to age in genetically identical ways. Researchers looked at them to see how varying stressful life experiences further changed their appearance. The primary example was of twins who had gone through a divorce and ended up looking at least two years older than their identical siblings who were single, married, or even widowed.

Additionally, use of antidepressants appeared to make subjects look older. Researchers attribute this to the medication’s tendency to cause sustained relaxation of facial muscles, which can lead to sagging of the skin.

So what does all this tell you…..DON’T STRESS.

You should always try and sort all your problems out quickly and don’t hold them in tucked away, try to always look on the bright side on things and not just the negatives. This can be hard but if you want to keep looking young when you’re older then you need to take a step back and try to chill.


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Help fund cancer research

In the UK, someone is diagnosed with breast cancer every 11 minutes and breast cancer charities are all committed to fighting the disease by performing research, campaigning and by educating people on how to check themselves and look out for the early warning signs. The ultimate goal of any cancer charities is to help to prevent people from getting cancer and this means spreading the word and reaching out to people’s generosity. This could be either in the form of donations or time spent organising or taking part in fundraising events such as jumble sales or fun runs.
Breast cancer charities campaign for all women to have access to a screening programme and to make sure that early detection takes place. They campaign for all patient’s that have been referred from their GP get seen by a specialist within 2 weeks. These campaigns cost a great deal of money but are so important.

Breast cancer charities need donations no matter how small in order for them to carry on with the magnificent work they do. They rely on volunteers to help out and fund raising is constant to ensure that the money is available. Everyone can make a difference by donating to charity. If you cannot afford to make a payment directly, then there are things like buying charity Christmas cards and choosing Christmas or birthday gifts from the charity websites or charity shops. The majority of charity shops now sell a wide range of brand new specially crafted items that are not available in other high street stores and that make fabulous gifts.

The most recognised breast cancer fund raising items are the “in the pink” items which range from pin badges through to special edition items such as pink GHD hair stylers where a percentage of the sales goes straight to the breakthrough breast cancer charity. Most major retailers sell a range of the in the pink items, including T shirts with the breast cancer pink ribbon on. Damart is one of the companies that sells clothing designed specifically to raise money for breast cancer research. These items are fashionable and will help to show your support.cancerres

Research is a huge part of any charity, and breast cancer charities need funds for their researchers to find out what causes cancer and how the cancer forms and grows, how cancer can be prevented and how it can be treated, and hopefully one day a cure will be found. Any new treatments need to be constantly researched and tested to make sure they are safe, and any side effects need to be researched. Without donations and fundraising, this vital research would not be possible.

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