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Treat White Leather Sofas With Care

A white leather sofa is quite difficult to clean because you want to maintain its beauty while at the same time avoid any damage. For general care, just polish occasionally with saddle soap, available from hardware stores, leather goods retailers and suppliers of equine equipment. Very small stains can be treated with a little alcohol or nail varnish remover but it is most important to test an inconspicuous area first as these will remove a thin surface layer; you may need to treat the whole item to restore it to a uniform shade.white-leather

Large, deep and extensive stains are probably better left to the experts, especially if the piece is valuable. Professional leather cleaners can be found in Yellow Pages or ask at the store where the goods were purchased.

For water stains, it is a good idea to gently moisten the entire piece, again to restore a matching shade throughout. If the leather sofa is part of a matching suite of furniture, the other pieces may need to be treated in the same way to ensure that they still match once the cleaning has been carried out.

Treated with care, a leather sofa will maintain its good looks and texture for years.


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Change of address cards

With the internet brimming with websites to accommodate your moving home needs, it is easy to forget to send out those all important change of address notices to everyone. Usually in the chaos of the home move when you’re in the midst of organizing furniture removal and so forth, our most nearest and dearest are the only ones to learn of our new address.

It is vital that everyone is aware of your home move, especially if you are changing a business address. Likewise, no-one wants to hold a housewarming party and find that hardly anyone has turned up because you only told a handful of friends.changeof-add

With change of address cards, you can ensure that everyone is aware of your new residence and can even add your own personal message to make the announcement even more special to family, friends and colleagues. Many companies give you the option to choose from specially selected verses. Whether it be a simple line or a full blown verse, change of address cards can be adapted to whatever style you desire.

A change of address card is a personal way to leave a memorable message and some will even allow you to add a photo of your new home.

Browse the internet to find the perfect change of address cards for you. Some websites even offer this service for free. Others will allow you to be as flamboyant or as casual as you want.

changeofadd1Print them out yourself or have them specially delivered to your door so as to give your family and friends the personal touch when it comes to moving home. You can then look forward to receiving those welcoming phone calls and housewarming cards in return.

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Moving home – how to fit in with the community

Many people believe that a home move to suburbia will settle them into a warm and inviting neighbourhood. However, they are often shocked to find quite the opposite.

There is no real connection between an affluent community and a friendly neighbourhood. In fact, a home in the town could be just as friendly.

So how do you find out if you are moving home to a friendly area or one where the neighbours keep themselves to themselves?

If you are over 50, think twice before deciding on a home move to an age restricted development as many older people do not fit in with a 50+ age group and are very young at heart for their age. If you are not too keen on listening to people’s aches and pains and the highlight of your day is your next cup of tea then this doesn’t sound like a wise home move for you. Alternatively, if you are the type of person who likes to have a structured day, then this could be the perfect home move.
Check out the social dynamics of any community you are considering a home move to by striking up conversations with the neighbours. Enquire about the environment and obtain real, honest opinions from the locals. One of the best moving tips is to visit the area, at least four times a day to see if people intermingle, or if they stay locked up inside their homes.

Wipe away the illusion that people who move to brand new developments are anti social. Although these types of properties are often populated by the younger age-group, many are very accommodating and feel safer with older residents nearby.

One last point to remember is that friendship is reciprocal which means that you should treat your neighbours as you would expect them to treat you back. It is hard for a neighbour to be a good friend if you only speak to him or her once or twice a year!

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Moving home with your pets

Just last year alone, over 1,800,000 people decided to move house with their pets. This means that potentially 228,750 pets could have been caused undue stress from owners who were unaware of their needs when it came to moving home.
Over 1,000 people were interviewed by Battersea Dogs and Cats home. Over half of those approached were concerned about the trauma that moving home would have on their pets. Animal loving Brits put the welfare of their pets even before worries such as forgotten house keys and furniture not arriving.

The younger age group felt that there was little advice available on how to care for pets when moving home. Battersea responded by producing a guide containing valuable moving tips to help young people and pets move house with as little stress as possible.

Careful planning needs to be maintained when moving pets, especially dogs or cats. The guide is also available as a downloadable PDF file and allows owners to deal with all of the areas associated with moving pets to a new address. It covers the significance of micro-chipping and even advises on finding pet kennels and hotels. This preparatory guidebook offers advice from the onset of moving home, right up to the day of the move and beyond, so as pet and owner both experience a change of address with nerves in tact and that special bond still maintained.

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Sofa Cleaning

here are lots of kits available to look after and clean you leather sofa, especially as they have steadily risen in popularity.

If you’re looking to remove marks off your white leather sofa then there are many products on the market:

Leather cleaning mousses for light marks
Microfibre cloths for more stubborn marks
Ink removal wipes for when “little one” may get over-excited with the felt tips or that horrible split second you happen to move whilst
doing a puzzle or work notes.

Some of the best kits I’ve seen are on

These range from £25 to £45 depending on how much you want to look after your furniture.
In honesty the £25 Homecare Leather Kit provides enough to keep you sofa clean, maintained and the essentials to clean up marks and scuffles.
If you have multiple pieces of leather furniture and/or anticipate quite a few mishaps then you may appreciate the assistance of the more extensive package instead.

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Moving home – DIY style

When moving home, the big question is should you do it yourself or hire a removal company? Many people prefer to save money and complete their home move themselves but is the DIY approach really that cost effective?
Steve Jordan of the British Association of Removers says that moving house DIY style could be a costly affair. You lose money if you have to take a day off work, van hire can be costly and the whole process of loading and unloading can be very time consuming. So is a removal company more expensive than we think?

A basic home move from a one bedroom flat to a house across London with a no frills package can cost anywhere in the region £259 to £463 but does not offer any insurance cover or packing service.

A similar package for a home move from Sheffield to Harrogate can vary from £378 to £631. Prices rise for households that have a lot of possessions or items that need specialist handling.

If you want your home move to be even less stressful, you could ask for a packing service which will incur an extra fee. However, when you weigh up the time it could take to pack everything yourself, some people consider a price in the region of £300 -£400 for a three man team to pack your possessions, a small price to pay.removalvan

Then there is the peace of mind that added insurance cover will protect your valuable possessions should they become damaged. Some people consider the extra cost of a removal company more reassuring than the fear of having to live with the guilt of never being able to afford to replace hubby’s prized record collection.

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Moving home for Christmas

Estate agents are bracing themselves for the season when all people really want for Christmas is to move house. Now that the Easter and summer holidays are over, people are preparing to move during the Christmas break.
Those who were trying so desperately to move house during the summer are now looking towards the winter to sell their property and move before the New Year.
If you are moving home and would like to rent a property, many tenancy agreements will come to an end in December. Landlords are desperately looking for new tenants during December time so there should be plenty of choice available. Some may even offer cheaper rent than usual.
Whilst shops and estate agents are busy this year, removal companies are also booked up. Many people put off booking a removal van until the exchange of their property is completed. The problem with this is finding a removal company at the last minute especially in the lead up to the holiday season.
It is important to contact a removal company at least six weeks before moving home. This way, you are more prepared if your exchange goes through quicker than planned. If things do become delayed and you have booked in advance, a removal company is more likely to be understanding. Those who ring up out of the blue and demand a removal company the next day may receive a less courteous response!

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