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Treat White Leather Sofas With Care

A white leather sofa is quite difficult to clean because you want to maintain its beauty while at the same time avoid any damage. For general care, just polish occasionally with saddle soap, available from hardware stores, leather goods retailers and suppliers of equine equipment. Very small stains can be treated with a little alcohol or nail varnish remover but it is most important to test an inconspicuous area first as these will remove a thin surface layer; you may need to treat the whole item to restore it to a uniform shade.white-leather

Large, deep and extensive stains are probably better left to the experts, especially if the piece is valuable. Professional leather cleaners can be found in Yellow Pages or ask at the store where the goods were purchased.

For water stains, it is a good idea to gently moisten the entire piece, again to restore a matching shade throughout. If the leather sofa is part of a matching suite of furniture, the other pieces may need to be treated in the same way to ensure that they still match once the cleaning has been carried out.

Treated with care, a leather sofa will maintain its good looks and texture for years.


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