Moving home – how to fit in with the community

Many people believe that a home move to suburbia will settle them into a warm and inviting neighbourhood. However, they are often shocked to find quite the opposite.

There is no real connection between an affluent community and a friendly neighbourhood. In fact, a home in the town could be just as friendly.

So how do you find out if you are moving home to a friendly area or one where the neighbours keep themselves to themselves?

If you are over 50, think twice before deciding on a home move to an age restricted development as many older people do not fit in with a 50+ age group and are very young at heart for their age. If you are not too keen on listening to people’s aches and pains and the highlight of your day is your next cup of tea then this doesn’t sound like a wise home move for you. Alternatively, if you are the type of person who likes to have a structured day, then this could be the perfect home move.
Check out the social dynamics of any community you are considering a home move to by striking up conversations with the neighbours. Enquire about the environment and obtain real, honest opinions from the locals. One of the best moving tips is to visit the area, at least four times a day to see if people intermingle, or if they stay locked up inside their homes.

Wipe away the illusion that people who move to brand new developments are anti social. Although these types of properties are often populated by the younger age-group, many are very accommodating and feel safer with older residents nearby.

One last point to remember is that friendship is reciprocal which means that you should treat your neighbours as you would expect them to treat you back. It is hard for a neighbour to be a good friend if you only speak to him or her once or twice a year!


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