Sofa Cleaning

here are lots of kits available to look after and clean you leather sofa, especially as they have steadily risen in popularity.

If you’re looking to remove marks off your white leather sofa then there are many products on the market:

Leather cleaning mousses for light marks
Microfibre cloths for more stubborn marks
Ink removal wipes for when “little one” may get over-excited with the felt tips or that horrible split second you happen to move whilst
doing a puzzle or work notes.

Some of the best kits I’ve seen are on

These range from £25 to £45 depending on how much you want to look after your furniture.
In honesty the £25 Homecare Leather Kit provides enough to keep you sofa clean, maintained and the essentials to clean up marks and scuffles.
If you have multiple pieces of leather furniture and/or anticipate quite a few mishaps then you may appreciate the assistance of the more extensive package instead.


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