Superstitions when moving home

Some people find the perfect home but are reluctant to move house when they find out they are moving to 13 Smith Close or flat number 666.
Believe it or not, the great British public are highly superstitious and even desperate first time buyers are put off from buying a property that could seem unlucky. This goes to show that superstitions do play an important part in the moving home process.flat666
It is said that one in ten people are affected by triskaidekaphobia (a fear of the number 13) and without always being aware of it, many people avoid fulfilling important plans such as moving home on Friday the 13th.
Suffolk County Council felt so strongly about people’s views on this matter they asked a recent property development company to avoid numbering a house ‘thirteen’ as they were certain that this property would not sell.
Although it is possible to change the number on your house, many people still feel that the property has the curse of the old number lurking below it and would rather avoid moving house altogether than move to a house with that dreaded number.
It isn’t just numbers that people are superstitious about when moving home. Some people refuse to buy a house from someone who has been divorced or is moving because of a death or murder. They feel that the house has negative vibes surrounding it which could seep into their lives.
In areas where there are large communities of Chinese residents, the most popular houses are those which have lucky door numbers. The number four is avoided at all costs as Chinese language translates number four as a word which is similar to ‘death’ in Mandarin and Cantonese.number13
Many property developers in England are aware of Feng Shui beliefs and avoid properties numbered 4, 13, 14 or 24. Six is a lucky number as it signifies wealth and people will pay a small fortune for a property with a number six.Vist our new meeting rooms in london.


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