Moving home – DIY style

When moving home, the big question is should you do it yourself or hire a removal company? Many people prefer to save money and complete their home move themselves but is the DIY approach really that cost effective?
Steve Jordan of the British Association of Removers says that moving house DIY style could be a costly affair. You lose money if you have to take a day off work, van hire can be costly and the whole process of loading and unloading can be very time consuming. So is a removal company more expensive than we think?

A basic home move from a one bedroom flat to a house across London with a no frills package can cost anywhere in the region £259 to £463 but does not offer any insurance cover or packing service.

A similar package for a home move from Sheffield to Harrogate can vary from £378 to £631. Prices rise for households that have a lot of possessions or items that need specialist handling.

If you want your home move to be even less stressful, you could ask for a packing service which will incur an extra fee. However, when you weigh up the time it could take to pack everything yourself, some people consider a price in the region of £300 -£400 for a three man team to pack your possessions, a small price to pay.removalvan

Then there is the peace of mind that added insurance cover will protect your valuable possessions should they become damaged. Some people consider the extra cost of a removal company more reassuring than the fear of having to live with the guilt of never being able to afford to replace hubby’s prized record collection.


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