The things that make moving home worthwhile

Many people fear the thought of moving home as they have become accustomed to their old home and feel that they will never adjust to their new surroundings.
When you are just starting out in life, moving home can be an exciting adventure as you start out with very little and build up possessions and memories. However, when children come onto the scene and that next home move is vital, you suddenly realise just how attached you have become to that little place you called home.
Jennifer Harley felt exactly the same way and found it heart wrenching to take down pictures and ornaments from her home and pack them away. She described the experience as ‘watching something she loved, die a slow death’.
Luckily, the Harley family were moving just across the road so they were able to move their possessions slowly and ease the pain of stripping away the past.
When Jennifer finally made that crucial home move, she was devastated at how different her new house looked when all of the furnishings had been removed. She looked around at the bare walls and the emptiness and wondered how she would ever make that house a home.
As days went buy, she started unpacking boxes and gradually felt the house take on more character. She even stumbled across memorabilia from her school days and displayed old pictures on the walls.
Jennifer has now settled in and looking back on the whole terrifying experience of moving home, she realises that a house is just an empty structure and is just a house. It is not until you fill it with your possessions that it becomes a home.


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