Moving home for Christmas

Estate agents are bracing themselves for the season when all people really want for Christmas is to move house. Now that the Easter and summer holidays are over, people are preparing to move during the Christmas break.
Those who were trying so desperately to move house during the summer are now looking towards the winter to sell their property and move before the New Year.
If you are moving home and would like to rent a property, many tenancy agreements will come to an end in December. Landlords are desperately looking for new tenants during December time so there should be plenty of choice available. Some may even offer cheaper rent than usual.
Whilst shops and estate agents are busy this year, removal companies are also booked up. Many people put off booking a removal van until the exchange of their property is completed. The problem with this is finding a removal company at the last minute especially in the lead up to the holiday season.
It is important to contact a removal company at least six weeks before moving home. This way, you are more prepared if your exchange goes through quicker than planned. If things do become delayed and you have booked in advance, a removal company is more likely to be understanding. Those who ring up out of the blue and demand a removal company the next day may receive a less courteous response!


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