Moving home – but where to?

During the past year, a fifth of residents in the UK have considered moving home and 10% are already embarking on a home move. But where do the Brits want to live?

The countryside is top favourite with 34% of people expressing a preference for a rural setting. Second favourite is a coastal location with a fifth of people moving home to be by the sea. The third most popular location for a home move is a quaint village. This particularly appeals to the 25 to 34 year olds.

When asked which country Brits would consider moving home for, surprisingly enough, the UK came out as the most popular choice with 35% of people voting for good old Britannia. The second most popular international home move was America and thirdly Spain.

People preferred modern detached houses when considering a home move and 22% of people opted for this property type. Almost 18% of people said that they would prefer to design their own home and 17% of people felt that a bungalow would suit their needs. Pensioners particularly love bungalows and 43% said that they would move house if they found something suitable.

The most important room in the house is the lounge. When people move house, the lounge is almost always the first room which is decorated and furnished. It is also considered the most important room for people who are not moving home. Over 60% of people said that they spend the majority of their time in the lounge. The second most popular room is the kitchen with bedrooms only being a favourite amongst the younger generation.

For some, the design and decoration of the living room is the most important decision when viewing a new home. Many have turned down a home move simply because they were not impressed with the design of the living room.

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