How to make moving home easy

Moving home can be a strenuous task at the best of times but when you want to move house from Scotland to Hampshire with two small children and a demanding job, the process can be a nightmare.

It is impossible to keep commuting to view properties when such a large distance is involved and if you are looking for a certain type of property, chances are your home move could be a long, drawn out process.

One option is to use a home search agency that will find out your exact requirements and search for your property for you. When they find properties which may be of interest, they video each room and send copies for you to view.

Joss and Paddy hired a home search agency when they had decided to move house. They viewed over 40 videos and narrowed it down to twelve which were worth making the long journey for. They found their ideal home from the videos that the agency had supplied.

If you need to move to an entirely new location, a home search agency could be the ideal way to bring properties to you. However, they can be quite expensive as a straightforward search could cost around £4,500 for six months.

Although it is hard to imagine someone else finding a property that you like, the search is aimed at your requirements and many people have been able to move house much more quickly when using a home search agency.


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