3 Thumbs Up for Cinnamon

Cinnamon! How wonderful it is. A perfect spice to add to so many of your favourite recipes! Originally, the most aromatic and flavourful cinnamon comes from Sri Lanka. A small tree grows on this island and cinnamon is the inner bark of it. A common kind of cinnamon also grows wild throughout China and other parts of East Asia. Cinnamon has been popular since ancient times. The Romans thought of it as sacred. It has been used since at least 2000 BC and possibly earlier. It can be toxic if consumed in large doses though, so please use in moderation. This spice really deserves 3 thumbs up.

Thumb 1: It is good for your health.

Cinnamon can fight yeast infections, ulcers, and lice. It contains antiphrastic, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. Other properties cinnamon has are ant-inflammatory. It’s also a good source of dietary fibre, iron and calcium, and manganese. If you have cholesterol problems, it can help lower the bad cholesterol. Another use is for stomach disorders. Your memory can improve also when you smell the spice.

Thumb 2: You can’t ignore the sweet aroma.

You can’t help but get a warm and cozy, happy feeling when you smell cinnamon whether from a scented candle, oil, cinnamon sticks boiled in water, or just from the baked goods.

Thumb 3: Undeniably renders tasty food and drink.

Sink your teeth in a warm, freshly cooked cinnamon roll. Heavenly isn’t it. How about a dash of cinnamon powder in your morning cup of coffee or maybe you could sit back and relax at the end of the day with a cinnamon tea. Again it is so warm and calming. There are tons of easy recipes for baked goodies that call for cinnamon that will tickle your tummy. You can add some in a little sugar and sprinkle that sweetness over toast, cereals, and sliced raw apples. There are even some main dinner dishes that call for some cinnamon.


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