Just add water

I would not describe myself as greenfingered in any way. When it comes to the outdoor space I am useless and am quite content to leave the work to my husband and revel in the finished product. However I have dabbled in doing a bit of indoor gardening, though nothing too complicated.

Basically I have used indoor growing kits to successfully grow tomatoes and mushrooms. Not very exciting you might think but for me a major achievement in the growing stakes. I found the experience very satisfying and it was very inexpensive to do. I haven’t invested in any equipment, nor do I have anywhere special to grow the plants.

On my first occasion I was given a mushroom growing kit, it was a large bag which contained what I though was plain soil. I was looking for the seeds, but there were none. These mushroom growing kits contain everything you need except water. Basically all I had to do was open the bag, lengthwise and then water. The results were visible in a few days and quite soon I had a reasonable crop of mushrooms.

The tomato kit was a little more complicated, but not difficult, again everything other than water was contained in the kit. It was a little pot and some dried up material, the dried up material had to be put in the pot and water added. After a few days a few shoots started to appear and eventually these grew into tomato plants. Again with continual watering I was able to harvest a small tomato crop.

I was never going to become self-sufficient with these efforts but they were very simple to do and rewarding. They also gave me the enthusiasm to take a little more interest in the big outdoor space and I am learning a little about gardening.


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