Home grown in your home

Growing your own food has many, many benefits, from your health to your pocket, and it doesn’t mean having to own a huge plot of land to be able to do it! Indoor gardening is a lot easier than first envisaged, and can use a small space to get the basics.

Planting a small trough in a window area that receives different levels of light throughout the day can be the perfect place to grow many products, search on the internet or speak to green fingered friends for tips. All you need is a small trough, good compost and a half decent memory to remind yourself to water your produce!

Different seeds are available from many shops and garden centres that will get you started on your quest, ranging from cucumbers to basil. Plant products together that require the similar amount of care and therefore you receive the most from what you plant. Sow produce in plenty of time for when you wish to harvest, all seeds have a guide on the back of the pack. But most importantly, enjoy yourself and learn what will and won’t work in your own little food factory!


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