Make your gardening nuts and bolt free

Tomatoes are easy to grow, both in a container and in your very own garden. You will find that you have smaller growth, quantity and yield when weeds have become a problem in your garden.

Find your area of the map and plant accordingly. Because they are hanging, they are prone to drying out, especially when the wind blows.

Bed need to be on the smaller side so that they are easily tended to for weeding and harvesting. This allows you to utilize all of your compost for planting. If you use fertilizer, it should only be used during the active growth periods.

Growing two or more vegetables in an area will also help save space. Scuffle hoes are considered to be very light and can be very effective for the smaller weeds. Try and save some money by sowing nasturtium, cosmos, sunflower, and California poppy seeds directly into the garden in spring.

Remember that some plants or bushes will take longer to develop, so you can fill in with other nectar bearing plants. Take the time to plan out what you need to do


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