Where does your garden grow?

I think that indoor gardening is extremely difficult. I feel that it requires a lot of your time and effort for a very limited return.

I think that in order for it to be a success on any kind of reasonable scale that you need to purchase expensive equipment and containers such as hydroponic bays and specialty lighting. Which I think would lead to large heating bills if you are trying to achieve greenhouse temperatures in your attic. If you are not willing to heat the area used your foodstuff, especially tomatoes which require high temperatures will get frostbite then wither and die.

Also, I have heard horror stories of the heat & food attracting rodents into your house. I think that you could end up spending a lot of money on pest control. You would need to take great care that any pest control methods used would not have a harmful effect on the food you are trying to grow. Many sprays and poisons could not be used as there is a good chance that you could end up poisoning yourself and the rest of the family especially kids who have lower tolerance levels for chemicals


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