Your first indoor vegetable garden.

Growing food indoors can be a cheaper alternative to buying organic foods from your local store. It does, however, take a certain degree of knowledge to make it work for you.Indoor gardeniing
One of the easiest vegetables to grow indoors is the tomato so this presents an excellent starting point. You will still need an area where your plant can get the minimum 6 hours of sunlight so a windowsill is probably best. Windowsills do tend to colder and you will need to ensure that the temperature is kept to a bare minimum of 75 degrees or a little warmer.

It is advisable to use a soil-less potting mix as it prevents soil related diseases and pests. Your vegetables can still be affected by bugs, but won’t be affected by cutworms and the like. Water regularly, but don’t over water or it will cause root rot.

You can get your tubs from just about any gardening centre. The more ecological amongst us can recycle large containers that once contained food you bought from the local super market


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