Businesses to Profit from Environmental Event ‘Enviro Hour’

Seventy nine per cent of the UK’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) regard environmental issues to be important to their business, and 48% believe they are more environmentally active than a year ago, but a third are yet to take any action at all claims a new environmental survey conducted by sustainable environmental agency, Envirowise.

Amongst the more common obstacles quoted were a lack of time and not knowing where to start to introduce leaner, more environmentally sustainable practices. In response, the government-funded programme has launched the ‘Enviro Hour’ to help UK businesses usefully spend just an hour a week converting their good intentions to reduce carbon footprint into long-term financial savings.

Erika Coghlan, Marketing Director for Envirowise comments: “There are many simple steps that can be taken by businesses to start the ball rolling. By using the time available efficiently, businesses can start taking advantage of cost savings and an enhanced reputation.” If businesses only have an hour a week to spend addressing environmental issues, the introduction of an ‘Enviro Hour’, will help them to focus on making the small, simple changes that can have an immediate impact (see box below).

She continues: “The best place to start is by nominating an environmental ‘champion’. 71% of the surveyed businesses did not have a dedicated person whose job included minimising environmental impact. They can then get on-track by making use of the free advice available from business support organisations such as Envirowise.” Envirowise offers free environmental advice to all companies throughout the UK to help them understand effective resource management and how to take action accordingly. For more information about this and to read all the latest environmental publications visit our website or call free-phone on: 0800 585794
Lists of things that can be done with an hour a week, day a week, day a month

  • One hour a week:
    1. Nominate a champion who takes up the environmental challenge and encourages all staff members to adopt more sustainable working practices.
    2. Contact your suppliers and ask them to look at reducing their packaging so you have less to dispose of.
  • One day a week:
    1. Begin a review of suppliers you work with, to ensure they have their own robust environmental policies.
    2. Begin writing an environmental policy that could be the starting point for a structured approach to managing your environmental issues. It would allow you to demonstrate their sustainable credentials to customers and competitors.
  • One day a month:
    1. If you are office-based, order a copy of the Envirowise ‘Green Officiency‘ toolkit and start to work through its four stage programme to a more resource efficient workplace.
    2. Contact your landlord and ask about water ‘hippos’. Placing these in each toilet cistern saves water with each flush.

Envirowise is a Government-funded programme dedicated to putting the sustainable use of resources at the heart of UK business practice.Since 1994 Envirowise has helped UK businesses save over £1 billion by enabling them to significantly reduce their environmental impact.Envirowise offers businesses of all sizes and sectors a wide range of free, independent and practical environmental advice designed to genuinely improve their processes, profitability and competitiveness. Services include:

  • Advice Line on 0800 585794
  • An encyclopaedic website of valuable and relevant information
  • On-site visits conducted by a nationwide team of expert advisors
  • Over 200 events each year, from Product Design Workshops to major exhibitions
  • A nationwide network of Resource Efficiency Clubs offering peer-to-peer support

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